New Marathon World Record

Patrick Makau sets new Marathon world record at the Berlin Marathon. His time was 2:03:38. That’s a mind boggling 4:43 min/mile pace.
This is a very good video to analyse. At 1:20 into the video, notice how all the runners have perfect forefoot or midfoot landing. Their feet pronate and then the kick back, producing the propulsion.

At around 2:45 in the video, just Patrick Makau and Stephen Kwelio Chemlany are¬†left in the lead. Notice how their upper bodies move while running. Their shoulders are not just square with arms moving in a perpendicular. There’s a swing to them. They cross over the chest nicely.

Around 3:05 in the video, notice how the opposite legs/hips and arms/shoulders move forward and backwards in perfect unison while rotation around the spine. His shoulders even dip a little creating that unversally powerful infinity shape.

Perfect, perfect, perfect!!


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