Evolution of Running video

Just want to start by saying that overall I agree with everything here other than a few points.
If running and upright walking is so stressfull and injury prone, then we wouldn’t have evolved into primarily upright runners and walkers. Evolution would never take a path that would expose the species to injury and then once injured, death.
I think the problem isn’t that running and walking are stresfull but that our modern lifestyles have made us primarily inactive. Don’t get us wrong, running is stressfull but not stressfull enough to always cause injury when done correctly.
We sit at home, work, in our cars, etc. We don’t walk anywhere. The only time people think of walking or running is when they “hit the gym” 3 times a week. And then at the gym we exercise in ways that reinforce ineffiecient movement patterns. If you go to any gym out there, you’ll notice that all the exercies be done are symettric along the saggital plane. But running and walking are asymmetric along the saggital plane.
Anyways, great video, but jsut disagree with you on a few points.

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